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My Sisterhood

I’m beyond grateful to have these women in my life as my “Go-To” sisters.

Ibu Robin Lim

sis-1 Ibu Robin Lim, Global Birth Advocate, Midwife, Yayasan Bemi Sehat Foundation

I was truly honored when Ibu Robin Lim agreed to write the foreword to my book, The Mommy Plan.

Robin Lim, Mother Robin, or Ibu Robin, is a midwife and founder of Yayasan Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth Foundation) health clinics, which offer free prenatal care, birthing services and medical air to anyone who needs it. She and her team have been working since 2003 to combat Indonesia’s high maternal and infant mortality rates. The Bumi Sehat centers serve many at-risk mothers.

Ibu Robin was awarded the 2011-2012 CNN Hero of the Year award by the CNN news network for helping thousands of low-income women in Indonesia with healthy pregnancy and birth services.


Elizabeth Reynolds


Elizabeth Reynolds, Master Aromatherapist for 25 years, Founder, LuxAmare

As a Master Aromatherapist, Elizabeth Reynolds has been creating wellness through essential oils and other botanicals since 1989. She has dedicated over 24 years to researching, formulating and teaching the healing properties of essential oils, as well as creating custom blends for clients in the U.S. and Europe.

Her Lux Amare creations are expertly formulated, using only active, botanical extracts. She has extremely high standards for hand crafting the purest and most effective products.

Elizabeth is also the Co-Founder of the After Birth Project, promoting the facilitation of positive change in the area of support and resources provided to families during pregnancy and the first year after birth. Their mission is to dramatically improve what currently exists in our culture for meeting the needs of postpartum mothers, their infants and partners. Through research with mothers suffering from PPD, Elizabeth developed an essential oil formula (“Tranquility”) to ease anxiety and mood disorders that she makes available through Lux Amare.

Carolyn Anthony

sis-4Carolyn Anthony, Pioneer in Women’s Health & Fitness, Founder, The Center for Women’s Fitness

Carolyne Anthony, global presenter and trainer, has been in the dance, fitness and pilates world for over 30 years. She trained as a professional dancer in London and danced professionally in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Carolyne founded The Center for Women’s Fitness in 1994 to meet the demands of women especially when exercising through the different stages of their lives from birth through menopause and beyond. She saw the need for continuing education programs aimed at the pre and postnatal women who suffered from diastasis recti, pelvic floor health and dysfunction and menopause to name a few.

Carolyne is a gentle birth advocate as well as a birth doula. She is also a trained Esoteric Healer (INEH) and myofascial release practitioner. She brings all these components into her movement teaching creating a holistic approach to her client’s bodies.

The Center for Women’s Fitness remains the leading organization for women’s health programs worldwide with host sites in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. She has certified over 1000 teachers in 38 countries, on every continent and has over 20 international faculty members teaching her work.



FACT: A new mother is nutritionally depleted after almost 10-months of pregnancy and then childbirth. Pregnancy and birth IS a magical time for new mothers. However, in her joy of welcoming a new member to the family, mothers tend to forget that they are integral to the entire process from conception to birth and they tend to neglect their own need to rest and recover after childbirth. Modern maternity care is focused ONLY on prenatal, not post-baby care resulting in POSTNATAL DEPLETION. This type of depletion is directly linked to POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION and effects - energy levels, supply of breast-milk, ability to care for your newborn, patience, thought-pattern, decision-making and general ability to function on a daily basis. Provide your body the nutrients and the natural food in the form of diet, herbs and care it needs. Don’t wait! The only comparison I can think of is like taking care of a car or plants before they break down or whither. If you breakdown there will be much more at stake.