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Chicken Broth for a Post-Baby Mommy’s Soul

The Mommy Plan Recipe Book – Healing Meals: Simple Recipes for New MomsNew medicine for new Moms. The recipes created for Healing Meals is only part of the recovery process all new mothers should know about. Recipes have been carefully and lovingly created based on the nutritional guidelines in The Mommy Plan.  Managing recovery from pregnancy and childbirth is a MUST. The sooner this is realized the sooner we can get the right information to all pregnant moms.

Click on the link below for a detailed recipe how to make a nutrient, cartlidge dense broth that is soooo healing for a new mama!  You’ll be surprised at the TAKE-AWAY TIPS provided to up your broth!

FREE AWESOME RECIPE!      chicken-broth-for-a-post-baby-mommys-soul

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