Ingredients We Believe In

Ingredients We Believe In

Each product contains several natural healing elements. All of the ingredients are carefully selected based on each individual healing characteristic and then how they complement one another in traditional recipes that have been enhanced by our research on the condition of a Mama’s post-baby, its natural healing capabilities, and what the body is craving after childbirth to support and accelerate the healing process.

Black Cummins

Cat’s Whiskers

Serapat Wood

Oak gall / Manjakani



Javanese turmeric

Sappan Wood

Pulsari Wood

Common Turmeric

Black Pepper


Star Anise

Siamese Ginger



Aloe Vera

Green Lime


Kaffir Lime

Glutinous rice


How Do The Ingredients Work?

According to medical professionals, when a woman is pregnant her level of the hormones estrogen, progesterone, and hCG, is approximately doubled than when in a non-pregnant state. With the birth of the baby and the placenta, a mama’s body goes into a state of shock from hormone withdrawal.

Re-balancing of Hormone Levels
While the body is intensely re-balancing its hormone levels, simultaneously, it is also physically transitioning back to a non-pregnant state, therefore, two intense processes are going on at the same time. The effects of which can be what the medical industry refers to as Maternal Blues.

During what is considered a short time period – six weeks compared to pregnancy which is a nearly 10 month period – a woman’s entire body is shrinking, including the womb and pelvic organs, back to their original size. Retained fluids and fat are being released that are no longer needed to support the baby; as well as the body is getting rid of built-up toxins. In addition, lochia containing a mixture of blood and blood clots is being expelled from nine months of not menstruating.

While the chemicals within the body are rebalancing, i.e. the hormones, the natural herb, spices, leaves, and roots which make up the ingredients helps take some of the physical stress of the body which aids the body by allowing it to focus its energy on the chemical, or hormonal, re-balancing occurring in the brain. The natural ingredients also aid in re-stimulating the circulatory system and the transitioning of the organs back to a non-pregnant state by virtue of the innate healing characteristics of each ingredient.

Common healing properties of our ingredients are

Common Herbal Properties

  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Anti Oxidant
  • Anti Septic
  • Deordant
  • Digestive Aid
  • Circulation
  • Carmative/ Reduce Flatulence

What is Not in Our Products

  • Artificial Coloring & Perfume
  • Toxic Chemicals & Coloring
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Chemical Additives & Preservatives
  • Harsh Surfactants
  • Petroleum Derivatives
  • Parabens & Phthalates

Product Form

  • Grounded
  • Single Sachet
  • Oil
  • Most products are in single application sachets and packets for convenience and to reduce the spread of any contamination.
  • Most products are in grounded form.
  • Most products contain turmeric which is a natural preservative against spoilage.
  • Shelf life is two years or longer.
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