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New Mommy Recovery Program

Click here for your FREE 30-minute New Mommy Recovery CHAT with a New Motherhood Expert who will share KEY tips on post-pregnancy foods to eat and avoid as well as household products that will negatively impact your healing.

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Are you an expecting Mama that has planned every detail of your pregnancy but not your own recovery?

Be aware that this is exactly when you need to focus on your health and happiness and not let yourself take a back seat to everyone else’s needs. Sure you have a new baby to look after but you need to make sure your needs are met.

Here’s what you need to know….

Unfortunately, most new mothers end up shattered. Even worse, it’s not something that’s really talked about in ‘polite’ society.

Mothers are meant to do it all and be it all to everyone, and with that huge responsibility comes inevitable depletion and often depression. We’re certainly not here to freak you out! Rather, we’re here to provide a nourishing support system that all mothers need at this beautiful, but also exhausting time. We’re here at The Mommy Plan to ensure that while you’re taking care of your newborn, we’re taking care of you. Book in for your FREE consult, and we’ll give you a complimentary New Mommy Recovery CONSULT.  We will give you KEY tips on how to jump start your recovery with minimal effort and maximum effect!

 We want to get you ready for your epic new adventure without losing your mojo or your sanity. Say ‘goodbye’ to overwhelm and ‘hello’ to blissed out mama.

Click here for your FREE 30-minute New Mommy Recovery CHAT with a New Motherhood Expert!



FACT: A new mother is nutritionally depleted after almost 10-months of pregnancy and then childbirth. Pregnancy and birth IS a magical time for new mothers. However, in her joy of welcoming a new member to the family, mothers tend to forget that they are integral to the entire process from conception to birth and they tend to neglect their own need to rest and recover after childbirth. Modern maternity care is focused ONLY on prenatal, not post-baby care resulting in POSTNATAL DEPLETION. This type of depletion is directly linked to POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION and effects - energy levels, supply of breast-milk, ability to care for your newborn, patience, thought-pattern, decision-making and general ability to function on a daily basis. Provide your body the nutrients and the natural food in the form of diet, herbs and care it needs. Don’t wait! The only comparison I can think of is like taking care of a car or plants before they break down or whither. If you breakdown there will be much more at stake.