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Do Belly Wraps Really Work?

mommy-wrapCan a belly wrap really help a mama recover and get back into shape after giving birth?

The short answer is, YES, without a doubt. A post-pregnancy wrap not only reshapes the abdomen area but can re-shape a mama’s body after pregnancy.

Your Immediate Post-Baby Body

The immediate post-baby tummy (and body) is full of water and air, not to mention expanded organs in the womb area such as the cervix and vagina. The water retained by your cells supported the amniotic fluid level surrounding the baby. The air is to cushion the baby and the internal organs and bones as your center of gravity shifts as the baby grew larger and larger which is why normally an expecting mommy gets more and more swollen in the last months of pregnancy. When the baby is born the excess water and air is no longer needed and the cells will naturally release and shrink back to its pre-pregnant size. The role a wrap plays is it speeds up this process with constant pressure on the abdomen area thus reducing recovery time.

The idea behind a post-baby tummy wrap is simple:

  • To support the core and abdomen area.
  • To hold in the flabby tummy skin and fat so it doesn’t hang relieving the skin tissue from downward stress.
  • Promotes the even healing of the skin.
  • Helps skin adapt to its new form.
  • Speeds up a mama’s return to her daily routine.

What isn’t as well known are the following benefits of having even and consistent support and pressure on both the abdomen and hip areas:

  • Promotes blood circulation.
  • Reduces swelling.
  • Rids the body of harmful fluids.
  • Accelerates the healing process.

With the relaxin hormone in the body for up to 12 weeks steady pressure on the hips:

  • Allows for the hips to be narrowed at a faster rate and sometimes more narrow than before birth.
  • Supports loosened pelvic joints and ligaments

In addition a wrap promotes the even healing of post-baby skin and helps it adapt to its new form.

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FACT: A new mother is nutritionally depleted after almost 10-months of pregnancy and then childbirth. Pregnancy and birth IS a magical time for new mothers. However, in her joy of welcoming a new member to the family, mothers tend to forget that they are integral to the entire process from conception to birth and they tend to neglect their own need to rest and recover after childbirth. Modern maternity care is focused ONLY on prenatal, not post-baby care resulting in POSTNATAL DEPLETION. This type of depletion is directly linked to POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION and effects - energy levels, supply of breast-milk, ability to care for your newborn, patience, thought-pattern, decision-making and general ability to function on a daily basis. Provide your body the nutrients and the natural food in the form of diet, herbs and care it needs. Don’t wait! The only comparison I can think of is like taking care of a car or plants before they break down or whither. If you breakdown there will be much more at stake.