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Physical Healing Phase I: The first 6 weeks post-baby

In a nutshell, here’s why the first 6-weeks are so important. Pregnancy is roughly 280 days. Within the first 6-weeks, 80% of the hormonal re-balancing takes place and 90% of the shrinkage of the perineum organs. This is only 15% of the time a woman spends pregnant. Birth is a trauma to the body, but it is a natural trauma which is why it can recover so quickly.

After childbirth the body heals and repairs itself at heightened rate, much faster rate than is realized. This is why it is so important to take advantage of this “healing window of opportunity.” It will matter a great deal over the next year impacting production of breast milk, energy levels, hormonal re-balancing, metabolism, circulation, and digestive system to name just a few bodily functions – so please educate yourself on how to care for yourself during these crucial first weeks.

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