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Postpartum YOU : Sluggish Digestive System

The First 40-Days for New Moms – Understanding Your Post-Baby Self


The Condition of a Woman’s Body After Childbirth is largely misunderstood.


Constipation for 7-10 days after giving birth

If you haven’t experienced constipation it can be very painful and uncomfortable. New Moms normally experience constipation, bloatedness and digestive discomfort after giving birth for 7-10 days and in many instances much longer. Postpartum constipation is one of the after-effects of giving birth. Child birth is a natural event for a woman’s body, but it is also a trauma. A major side effect is the stalling of the digestive, circulatory and metabolism systems. This is the backdrop against which a mom’s body transitions back to a non-pregnant state while simultaneously healing several other conditions related to pregnancy.

Effects of epidural and cesarean

If an epidural is administered, or a cesarean procure takes place, normally pharmaceutical drugs would have been administered. This causes the slowing the internal systems until the drugs work themselves out of your system. Prescribed anti-pain medications, or pain killers, normally also causes constipation and uncomfortable bloating.

Managing digestive issues

No matter which course of treatment a new mother takes during labor and childbirth she needs to know what to expect afterwards and how to deal with the side and after effects.  She needs to know how to get her digestive functioning regularly so she can take care of her newborn, as well as, herself in the time frame of 6-weeks.


  1. Probiotics

Take probiotics during pregnancy, labor and afterwards. If you aren’t familiar with probiotics they are the live cultures of “good bacteria” that resides inside our intestines that promote digestion. This isn’t a quick fix but a preventative and sustainable action. Increase the number taken by 1-2 per day until the constipation passes; or take the same number per day but increase the CFUs (colony forming units) to at least 10 – 15 billion daily.  Personally, I’ve had good success taking probiotics.

Also make sure you take probiotics for women as the bacteria in men’s and children’s colons are not the same

2. Hot water bottle / Heating pad.

3. Self-massage.

4. Bone broth.

5, Water.

For details on the solutions see the NEXT UPCOMING blog post on Getting Your Digestion Back on Track After Pregnancy.

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