Tanamera, my partner in Mommy Wellness It all started in the 1950’s…

I consider myself very fortunate to have met my Malaysian partner, Tanamera. The wonderful people who founded Tanamera in 2000 are the third generation of traditional herbalists and experts of postnatal care. “Tanamera” meaning Red Earth, is fitting as this company sources its products from the rich soil of the tropical rain forest for which Malaysia is best known. Its forests contain over 15,000 species of tropical healing herbs that match those of the Amazon in South America. I love going to their office, driving up the driveway, and smelling the herbs that were being freshly ground that day – lemongrass, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and so on.

The New Mommy Wellness Kit

The collection of products in The New Mommy Wellness Kit has been created with great care, based on Asian wellness traditions and treatments. The products are formulated as naturally as possible where the use of artificial coloring, perfume, chemicals, and preservatives are avoided. Most of the products come in powdery form eliminating the need to use chemicals and preservatives. The collection is in liquid or paste form and preserved with a patented blend of herbal actives and essential oils.

Core Beliefs

In Tanamera Products



Cruelty Free

Fair Trade


100% recycled paper

Environmentally friendly

Unbleached recycled packaging

Recyclable containers


U.S Standards

ISO certifications

GMP Good Manufacturing Practice

Tanamera’s Charity of Choice: Eco-Knights, Inspiring Sustainable Living
Tanamera prefers to employ single mothers.

Company History

  • 1st generation: A ROYAL MIDWIFE: (their Great Aunty) to the Perak royal family in Malaysia, in northern Malaysia, Perak, the 1950s.
  • 2nd generation (Mother) was taught by the Great Aunty, the royal midwife.
  • 2nd generation furthered her studies in Indonesia as the understudy of Ibu Martha Tilaar, a living legend in traditional herbs and postnatal care treatment and recovery practices, for two years. This is a very prestigious honor.
  • 2nd generation returned from Indonesia and went into the business of Jamu, or traditional medicines, 25 years ago.
  • At one time Tanamera owned and operated 14 salons specializing in postnatal treatment.
  • 3rd generation: the knowledge of Jamu was passed on to her four children, my partners.
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