Eco-Postnatal Care

Clean, Green Postnatal Recovery

After birth products and services that are good for a mother, baby, and the planet.

Eco-Postnatal Care Set

During the first 6 weeks, 85-90% of the healing should occur but doesn’t in Western countries.

Multicultural Postnatal Care Workshop

Malaysian postnatal practices: A blend of Chinese, Indian Ayurvedic, and Malay influences.

Postnatal Wellness & Wellbeing

Are you expecting and have planned every detail of your pregnancy but not your recovery?

Don’t understand the 4th – Trimester? Not a problem. We do!

Immune Support

Lose retained water
and fat

Breast Milk Production

Perineum Recovery

Faster Recovery


Day 5


Day 10



The New Mommy Plan is a must-read. Specific guidelines on how to restore your postnatal body after pregnancy. Take advantage of the “Healing Window Of Opportunity”. Click below and read what others are saying.

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