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Eco-care: Clean, Green Postnatal Recovery

After birth products and services that are good for a new Mommy’s body, her newborn and the planet.

Multicultural Postpartum Care Practices: An Eco-Friendly Approach Workshop

 Malaysian postnatal protocol: A blend of Chinese, Indian Ayruvedic and Malay influences in  the  most holistic recovery practice in the world.

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Postnatal Wellness Coaching

Are you an expecting Mama that has planned every detail of your pregnancy but not your own recovery?  You would be surprised what you can to do speed and strengthen your recovery in half the time - NATURALLY!

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Eco-Postnatal Care Set

In just 6-weeks after childbirth 80% of the occurs. Our eco-set of postnatal products is EVERYTHING a Mama needs to heal her body faster after pregnancy so she can focus on taking care of her newborn.

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Corporate Lunch & Learn Talks

Optimizing Maternity Leave: A Roadmap to Post-Pregnancy Recovery

Extended paid maternity leave alone is not enough IF the a mother’s recovery is not managed. The #1 complication from pregnancy is recovery.

In the U.S. over 1,000,0000 women, 1 in 7 new mothers, experience Postpartum Mood Disorders (PPMD) resulting in a $7.5 billion cost to the U.S. economy. More expecting and new mothers, and their family members, are realizing recovery from birth during their maternity leave must be actively managed. Provide your team with the opportunity to learn proven, evidence-based vital knowledge and information from a country that has mastered recovery from pregnancy with the lowest rates of PPMD in the world at just 3.9%. A new comprehension is needed to effectively manage a post-baby diet, personal care and activities to ensure a mother has a strong, healthy, balanced recovery. The sooner maternity recovery is managed, the sooner and more sound is the recovery. Maternity leave alone DOES NOT guarantee the return of a productive employee.

Maternity leave + The Mommy Plan Workshop = A Roadmap to Recovery After Pregnancy

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“How to naturally accelerate your recovery"

  • The Mommy Plan


    The Mommy Plan, is a must read. Specific guidelines are provided on how to restore your postnatal body after pregnancy and childbirth. Don’t miss your “HEALING WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY”. Click below and read what others are saying.

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5 Essential Steps to AVOID Postnatal Depletion – PLEASE download