The Mommy Plan

The Mommy Plan

Restoring Your Post-pregnancy Body Naturally, Using Women’s Traditional Wisdom


For the very first-time food science, anatomy, and medical science are put behind core tenets of one of the most effective traditional post-pregnancy recovery programs in the world. Specific guidelines and recommendations surrounding a mother’s diet, activities, and personal care after childbirth are presented in detail. How food is used as medicine and why certain foods can negatively or positively affect the healing capabilities of a woman’s body as it transitions back to a non-pregnant state are answered. The traditional recovery guidelines presented in this book have been adapted for a western diet and lifestyle making it easy, and cost-effective, for a recovering mother to incorporate them into her daily routine. Suggestions of how staple meals can be adapted to the recommended cooking guidelines as well as sample recipes and shopping lists are included.

Why this book is relevant to expecting mamas:

  • Moms are Searching for Ways to Speed-Up Recovery from Pregnancy.
  • Post-pregnancy Recovery Information Void in the U.S.
  • Asian Post-pregnancy Healthcare in a Global Lead Position: Don’t Underestimate Them, Understand Them.
  • The Daddy Plan.

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By Valerie Lynn

Private cookbook for coaching clients and students

“Food is used as medicine. Postnatal recipes based on food science that supports body’s healing and recovery.” By Valerie Lynn

Insights from Industry Experts

Rena’ Koerner

President of Doulas Association of Southern California (DASC)

Patrick Hauser

Author, Fathers-to-Be Handbook, Global speaker

Kerry Tuschhoff

Director, Hypnobabies Network in Cypress, California

Katy Bowman

Director of the Restorative Exercise Institute

Joe Valley

Therapist & Daddy Educator, Founder, Empowered Papa

Elizabeth Reynolds

Master Aromatherapist, Founder, Elizabeth Reynolds Lux Aromatics, Postpartum Support Coordinator (PSI), Ventura, California

Darla Burns,

Executive Director, Postpartum Doulas, CAPPA, Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association

Ysha Oakes

Author, Touching Heaven – Tonic Postpartum Care and Recipes with Ayurveda, Founder, The Sacred Window, Ayurvedic Postnatal Doula

Carolyne Anthony

Founder, Center for Women’s Fitness, (12 countries)

CAPPA, Childbirth & Postpartum Professional Association

Endorsed by the world’s largest educational childbirth organization, Category 2, required reading for Postpartum Doulas.

The Mommy Plan
Foreword Ibu Robin Lim, CNN Hero of the Year, 2011-2012
Chapter 1 The Postpartum Epidemic in America
Chapter 2 What do American Women Do To Recover From Pregnancy?
Chapter 3 Taking Care of Mom = Taking Care of Baby
Chapter 4 The Womb is a Woman’s Life Force
Chapter 5 Why You Need a Mommy Plan?
Special Section Post-pregnancy Precautions
Special Chapter 6 Post-pregnancy Precautions: Diet DON’TS
Chapter 7 Post-pregnancy Precautions: Diet DO’S
Chapter 8 Post-pregnancy Precautions: Activity
Chapter 9 Postpartum Precautions: Personal Care
Chapter 10 Herbs to Avoid while Breastfeeding
Chapter 11 Turmeric, the Healing Spice
Special Section Remembering the Daddy
Chapter 12 The Daddy Plan
Post-pregnancy Parting Thoughts: Be Your Own Hero
Mommy Notes
1. What are the Differences Between Midwives and Doulas?
2. Doulas Do A Lot!
3. Midwives, the Baby Catchers
4. Baby Nurse, Newborn Care Specialist, or Night Nanny?
5. Traditional Post-pregnancy Practitioner
6. Hypnosis for Childbirth: What is it – and Does it Work?
7. The Genius of the Placenta
8. The Miracle of Kangaroo Care
9. Baby Planners, Much more than just Baby Showers

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Comments on The Mommy Plan

Cheryl Jazzar

The Mommy Plan is a much needed resource for the expectant family, written from a refreshing perspective that most women wouldn’t necessarily consider during pregnancy. Valerie brings her unique perspective to the pregnancy world in both her book and also the postnatal care set. This unique collection of products is designed to help nurture the postpartum mom, but it is wonderful to use any time. In my experience there are selections that can pamper a woman outside of the postpartum period, but the special care needed for new moms require high quality products that the postnatal care set provides beautifully. Ladies, this is the time to really care for and nurture yourself- taking slow time to heal and to bond with your baby. Let Valerie show you how! You will be so glad you did.

MHR, Postpartum Therapist, Founder WellPostpartum

Allie Chee

5.0 out of 5 stars For a Happy & Healthy Postpartum Whether a mom’s top priority is getting back into her old jeans, or to tend to mind, body and spirit with the utmost care… a must read! If only this book had been published a little earlier–before I had my baby! I conducted extensive research for years before planning to conceive, and this was exactly what I was looking for. The Mommy Plan is based on Valerie’s 4 years researching postpartum care while living in Southeast Asia. Malaysia, the ancient crossroads of Indian, Chinese, and other Eastern cultures, picked up the most beautiful and healing practices from each, blended them with their own, and created an approach to postpartum care that Valerie presents in her book. The details of what is to be found in The Mommy Plan are presented well in the Book Description above on this page. And suffice to say, if Western cultures were to adopt these practices, the improved mental, physical, and spiritual health in our society would be the stuff of a Nobel Peace Prize. The Mommy Plan should be required reading for all care providers… and for all mamas-to-be who believe their postpartum CAN BE the most magical time of their life!

Author, NEW MOTHER: Using a Doula, Midwife, Postpartum Doula, Maid, Cook or Nanny to Support Healing, Bonding and Growth

Connie Livingston

The Mommy Plan: Restoring Your Postpartum Body Naturally, Using Women’s Traditional Wisdom By Valerie Lynn Foreword by Ibu Robin LimFinally, women have a definitive guide to a more natural postpartum!Valerie Lynn has dissected every aspect of postpartum and provided time-tested and wise suggestions and remedies. Based on the identification of the myriad of downfalls in American (and other industrialized countries’) postpartum care, Lynn shows how postpartum care is not really “care” but a rather “haphazard” series of events that contribute substantially to the high incidence of postpartum disorders such as postpartum anxiety. Comparing and contrasting non-western and western practices, Lyn pinpoints the mistakes society makes in assuming about postpartum health. Likening childbirth to other large life events, one soon sees the stressful assumptions impressed on the postpartum mother. After laying out the foundation of emotional health, nutrition, exercise, herbs relationships, and physical health, Lyn introduces The Mommy Plan – the actual yet flexible recover plan for the postpartum. This plan, with major benefits of recovery for both mother and baby, combines the very best practices of many cultures to create the optimum postpartum road map.No Mommy Plan would be complete without a conversation about postpartum for the Daddy, Husband, or life partner. With comments from health care professionals as well as “real” Dads, Lyn helps partners strike the right balance for themselves, their post-pregnant partners and the two as a team.A bonus to this book is an informative chapter on the placenta, “The Genius of the Placenta”, delayed cord clamping and post-pregnancy placenta traditions from other cultures. The fabulous information about Kangaroo Care makes this a very complete text. Many books cross my desk for review. However, this book is not only well written for both the birth professional as well as the expectant/new parent, it finally addresses the postpartum period with reverence and research.

Founder, Perinatal Education Associates, Inc., BirthSource, Board Member, Midwifery Education & Accreditation Council for 35 years

Michelle Simon

I read this amazing book and can recommend it to any mom or mom to be!! A must read!!

Simply Expecting Pregnancy Pilates

Katelin Mae

I loved reading The Mommy Plan! I found it very informative as it contains a lot of brand new information. Reading about how other cultures care for women during the postpartum was really touching and eye-opening. Thanks for spreading this information. I thought the nutrition information was very detailed and true. It is fabulous information and well-written for not having any formal background in nutrition.

M.S., Nutritionist & Culinary Educator

Lety Murphy

I absolutely love all the stats and the research you did. It inspires me to become an expert in this field.

A Balanced Touched Birthing Services

Audra Rovengo

WHAT A WEALTH of Untapped information. I was very, very prepared for all things pregnancy and labor but really had no idea or plan for after the birth. I was grateful to have read The Mommy Plan a few weeks before Valentina was born so I had some great ideas on how to care for myself through diet, treatments, and having some help in place. Thank you for bringing some traditional insights on how to help mommies deal with the changes in our bodies, hormones, and what to expect while going through the 6 week healing period. I appreciate learning about the traditional wisdom and have been sharing your book and suggestions with other mommies! It should be on every pregnant woman’s book list!

Mommy of 1

Elizabeth Reynolds

The Mommy Plan is a fantastic resource for mothers and fathers to be. It covers everything for optimal support and healing for the new mama. Including current research to ancient wisdom from other cultures, Valerie Lin presents a variety of healing practices and holistic options for creating your best postpartum period.

Lux Aromatics, Mother of 2

Linda Stavola

The Mommy Plan has so much information to offer! I especially love the recipes. They are simple to prepare on a daily basis.

Mother of 1

Jennyfer Bruno

I love the book – while it is very informative, it is an easy read which makes it valuable to various audiences, not just those who are already knowledgeable about the field. I definitely plan to reference the book for the do’s and don’ts on what to eat, although I will be modifying it slightly because I am a picky vegetarian which complicates things.

Mother of 3

Tatiana Rosenthal

I am so glad that The Mommy Plan exists and is so realistic. It is so important to pregnant women and to birth professionals too. Valerie was to kind to send it to me in Brazil. The book is a most to read for moms because there is a lot of literature about expecting but nobody tells us what to do now that the baby is here. Valerie does it wonderfully!

Mother of 1

Wendy Davis

The Mommy Plan by Valerie Lynn is a wonderfully nurturing and informative resource for women and their caregivers. Creating a bridge between the worlds of traditional wisdom and modern research, Valerie Lynn writes in a way that is expert, loving, and familiar. From start to finish, this lovely collection of expert guidance and time-tested wisdom is warm and practical. I felt informed and comforted by this treasure from the start — as I opened the book and read that it is sealed with a non-toxic layer so that new parents who are fortunate enough to pick it up are free from chemical exposure. The Mommy Plan is a completely manageable size, and yet seems to cover just what we need to know of traditional methods and modern examples of a truly healthy and holistic care plan for pregnant, postpartum, and post pregnancy-loss women. With this holistic and traditional approach, the book covers both emotional and physical wellbeing. It has become all too rare to find resources for childbearing families that cover both emotional and physical health. After reading the Mommy Plan, we realize that is the very message and gift of this book: there should be no separation of emotional and physical wellness, and new parents suffer from a modern world in which we have forgotten how to take care of the whole person, the whole mama. Thank you, Valerie, for this illustrating this in such an inviting and informed way in The Mommy Plan.

Executive Director, Postpartum Support International (PSI),

Dr. Diana Lynn Barnes

The necessity for self-care during the postpartum period is too often overlooked because of cultural mythology and unfounded beliefs about motherhood, ultimately compromising women’s mental health during this time. Valerie Lynn has skillfully crafted a book rooted in women’s traditional wisdom and ritual bringing together the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of women’s self-care post-pregnancy. The Mommy Plan truly honors the sacredness of this extraordinary experience for new mothers and fathers.

Psy.D, The Center for Postpartum Health , Sherman Oaks, CA (former President of Postpartum Support International (PSI)

Mary Jo Codey

Thank you so much for The Mommy Plan. I only wish I could have had a book like this available to me when I became pregnant! The part about the differences in treating our new mothers compared to how non-western cultures do made my eyes tear a bit. It took away some of the guilt I still carry after suffering from PPD so long age. My son will be 28 years old this year. I am honored that you thought of me will save it for my someday daughter- in -law. It’s a book every new mom and their families should read.

Former First Lady of New Jersey, gifted educator and staunch advocate for individuals whose lives have been affected by postpartum depression and mental illness.

Debra Pascali-Bonaro

An amazing, wonderful, important book for Moms.

Author, Orgasmic Birth, Chair International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative, DONA International Doula Trainer

Karen Brody

The Mommy Plan is a gift to pregnant women and the birth professionals who assist them. Finally, a book about the post partum period that examines wisdom from cultures who celebrate and honor women during this period. Why rewrite healthy guidelines for post partum when they are already out there? Valerie Lynn has done the homework for us and offers the best post partum care out there to women today. This book is unique, much-needed, and BOLD!

Founder, The BOLD Method for birth, BOLD the play

Anni Daulter

Valerie Lynn knows her stuff and she has shared her postpartum wisdom with the world in such a sacred way. I deeply appreciate her look at ancient wisdom and woven into modern day wellness care. I am so grateful that Valerie Lynn has taken on this very critical piece of the mothering journey with her book and shed light on how proper postpartum care can affect every woman’s emotional, spiritual and physical well being as she steps into motherhood.

Author of Sacred Pregnancy, Founder of the Sacred Pregnancy movement + Creative Director and Founder of the Sacred Pregnancy Magazine

Stephanie Dawn

Understanding the vital nature of postpartum wellness is woefully missing in our American culture, indeed, in our global culture. Valerie Lynn knows this and has conglomerated information from the traditional post natal practices of Asia for us all to learn from. Mothers and birth professionals alike will be long served by reading the Mommy Plan, sharing it and buying it for their friends and colleagues!

Sacred Birth Work
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