Miscarriage, Stillborn care

Miscarriage, Stillborn Care

Recovering After Miscarriage and Stillborn Birth

Miscarriage and stillborn birth are unexpected experiences to the body, mind and spirit. Western cultures do not have recovery guidelines; however, Asia has deep rituals, honoring the mother, pregnancy, and child. 

Recovery from miscarriage and stillborn birth are considered to be more serious than full-term pregnancy calling for managed and focused recovery efforts.  This is due to the abrupt halt and release of the pregnancy; therefore, the hormonal level must suddenly reverse course and the womb must restore and replenish itself.  

How I can help

A two-week program consisting of nutrition, recommended meals, body care using natural healing products is created.  

  • Using a heated herbal poultice to gently, infuse deep heat into the abdomen simulates the body to release retained lochia and shrink the womb.
  • Warming herbal oils to stimulate loss of fluids and stimulate digestion.
  • Herbal firming blend paste mask tone the abdomen – if necessary.
  • Postnatal abdominal wrap for pregnancies after 20 weeks, however wrapping the womb has emotional healing benefits.
  • Calming herbal blend paste mask – a traditional herbal blend to relax the mind.
  • Postnatal herbal tea to sooth the body’s digestive and support circulatory release.

Clients are provided with one modern Bengkung style wrap at the first session and are required to re-use.

Pricing Per Service - 1.5 Hours

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$200 $400 $550 $735 $900 $1075

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