Miscarriage, Stillborn Care

Recovering After Miscarriage and Stillborn Birth

Miscarriage and stillborn birth are unexpected experiences to the body, mind and spirit. Western cultures do not have recovery guidelines; however, Asia has deep rituals, honoring the mother, pregnancy, and child. 

Recovery from miscarriage and stillborn birth are considered to be more serious than full-term pregnancy calling for managed and focused recovery efforts.  This is due to the abrupt halt and release of the pregnancy; therefore, the hormonal level must suddenly reverse course and the womb must restore and replenish itself.  

How I can help

A two-week program consisting of nutrition, recommended meals, body care using natural healing products is created.  

  • Using a heated herbal poultice to gently, infuse deep heat into the abdomen simulates the body to release retained lochia and shrink the womb.
  • Warming herbal oils to stimulate loss of fluids and stimulate digestion.
  • Herbal firming blend paste mask tone the abdomen – if necessary.
  • Postnatal abdominal wrap for pregnancies after 20 weeks, however wrapping the womb has emotional healing benefits.
  • Calming herbal blend paste mask – a traditional herbal blend to relax the mind.
  • Postnatal herbal tea to sooth the body’s digestive and support circulatory release.

Clients are provided with one modern Bengkung style wrap at the first session and are required to re-use.

Pricing Per Service - 1.5 Hours

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$200 $400 $550 $735 $900 $1075

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