Live-In Services

Live-In Services

Malaysian Postnatal Practitioner Services

Your very own personal, postnatal practitioner focusing on your recovery from pregnancy and childbirth, in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Our emphasis is on the Mother and getting her healed, restored, and replenished so she can take the best possible care of her baby.

More than just a body, you are a complex blend of your experiences, choices, personality, and environment. Who you are is also shaped by how you care for yourself and choose to enjoy life. Your mind, body, and spirit have a vital connection, one you can use to improve your overall sense of well-being. The potential for greater health and vitality is within you … it’s only a conversation away.


Malaysia is a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia, slightly north of the equator. This country has the lowest rates of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders in the world at just 3%. This is not a coincidence; it is due to a carefully planned recovery after pregnancy and childbirth that new Mothers follow. Malaysia’s deep postnatal heritage is consisting of Indian Ayurvedic, Chinese and Malay influences. This combination of cultures, with common underlying postnatal recovery principals, results in the most holistic recovery philosophies, beliefs, treatments, skills, and guidelines that can be adapted for any family, culture, or religion. The purpose behind the Malaysian recovery protocol focuses on the “active, process of the revision of pregnancy,” or when the body is reversing the effects of pregnancy. For example, the shedding the retained elements of water, fat, and flatulence that it no longer needs, while supporting the hormone system to rebalance and shoring up the production of breastmilk, to name just a few of occurrences happening.


The number of services below is a guideline as providing recuperation services to a new Mother, and her baby, are customized and highly individual depending on the physical condition of the Mother after giving birth; guided by how the process of the revision of pregnancy is progressing on a daily basis. The practitioner will determine, based on feedback, which body care treatments a Mother’s body needs more or less of. Be assured that you will be provided more effective restoration body care services in the short time that one of our practitioners is with you than in a lifetime.

Consultation, Coaching, and Support

Postnatal coaching sessions and arrival preparation with Valerie Lynn will take place virtually or in-person prior to the arrival of the practitioner. This ensures there is a mutual understanding of expectations between the client and the practitioner. We go above and beyond to ensure the delivery of the postnatal services takes place seamlessly in a positive, supporting environment.

Consultation and Coaching Sessions

You will receive Valerie’s book, The Mommy Plan, Restoring Your Post-Pregnancy Body Naturally, Using Women’s Traditional Wisdom. (2019, 2012) in the post prior to the practitioner’s arrival as a guideline for the coaching sessions. Living in Malaysia for 20 years and counting, Valerie fuses the cultural gap between our client’s understanding of postnatal recovery and the most holistic postnatal recovery practices in the world from Malaysia. The number of a coaching session is customized to the client’s schedule but is normally 3 – 5 sessions –1-hour sessions. During these sessions you will learn the philosophies, beliefs behind the Malaysian after birth practices, treatments, and products, meals, lifestyle changes as well as post-pregnancy precautions that are backed by science, anatomy, and food science all geared towards taking the best care of a new Mother so she can recover in a strong, healthy manner in a short time period. We have found that our clients get more out of the services when they understand how our services facilitate the healing, restoration, and recuperation of a new Mother’s body allowing for her energy levels to return faster than expected, a consistent supply of breastmilk, and overall strengthening and toning of the body that contributes to a holistic physical and mental restoration.

Valerie Lynn, serves as your contact throughout the time the practitioner is in your home via phone, text, and email to ensure you are supported in the way that facilitates a consistent, daily recovery to take place. Valerie Lynn is an expert in the field of Malaysian Postnatal Recovery Practices, an international author and speaker.


  • The Importance of the 4th  trimester.
  • The First Six Weeks: The Healing Window of Opportunity.
  • Introduction of Traditional Postnatal Practices.
  • The Malaysian Postnatal Protocol, the global benchmark.
  • Malaysian Eco-Postnatal Care and eco-friendly products.
  • Preparation for Your Recovery After Pregnancy and Childbirth.
  • Malaysian postnatal nutrition, Diet Do’s and Don’ts, personal care, mental health checks.
  • Healing body treatments provided by the Malaysian Traditional Postnatal Practitioner.
  • Baby care provided by the practitioner.

Our Postnatal Practitioners

Our postnatal practitioners are highly skilled and knowledgeable as they have undergone extensive, specialized training and certification in the field of Malaysian postnatal recovery practices in body care, meals, baby care, and postnatal herbs. The sole responsibility to care for a new mother, and her baby. We will best match your needs with our registration of practitioners. You will be able to interview and speak with the selected candidate.

Countries Serviced to Date: Australia, Canada, Italy, France, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, United Arab Emirates.

Packages: 2 – 6 weeks

Below is a sample of a 2-week package.  The standard services provided by our Malaysian Postnatal Practitioners; however, each package is additionally customized and personalized for each client based on the condition of the Mother after childbirth and personal preference.
Services 2 weeks App. Timing Details
Recirculation Massage
body, breast,  head and womb massage PLUS Calming herbal blend paste
8 60-90 minutes

A whole-body massage for re-circulation, improving blood flow, and simulating the body to release retained water, fat, and air faster.

The breast massage stimulates milk production and is a prevents engorgement.

Head massage is to relax the muscles and arteries surrounding the head, reducing headaches due to hormonal re-balancing and sleep deprivation.

A unique component is a gentle womb massage that helps position the womb back to its original pre-pregnancy position. A calming paste is applied to the forehead that is a traditional paste to combat postnatal blues and hormonal headaches. It is both calming to the mind, relieves headaches from lack of sleep, and refreshes the eyes.

Hot stone
abdominal / body
10 30 minutes Heat is infused into the abdominal area, shrinking the womb, stimulating the body to release retained water, fat, and air helping to restore the body to its original state.
Herbal poultice
abdominal / body
4 45 minutes A combination of aromatherapy, deep head, and massage for the body. Relieves pain and fatigue, further promotes the body to release retained elements of water, fat, and flatulence.
Herbal bath 5 20 minutes if soak, if a sponge bath then a few minutes Refreshes and warms the body, relieves body aches from labor and birth, improves blood circulation, removes the air or wind from the body.
Body Scrub 4 20-30 minutes Prepares the body for postnatal treatments and wrapping by removing dead skin cells allowing for maximization absorption of herbal products.
Abdominal and core wrapping from the hips up to under the bust plus abdominal herbal firming paste Daily 30 minutes Stabilizing a weakened core is paramount to postnatal recovery. It protects the internal organs by supporting them and holding them in place so they do not pool in the lower abdomen causing a pooch; quickly shrinks and tightens the flanks of the stomach, assists the cervix to close faster as hips are included in the wrap, supports and helps heal diastasis recti of the abdomen, lengthening of the spine allows the energy network within the body to flow better, improves breastmilk production and breastfeeding, supporting the spine helps with backache from slouching to pick up baby and breastfeeding position.
Yoni sauna
perineum heat therapyAs needed, depends on the healing of the Mother, when lochia is diminished.
20 minutes

A restoring practiced enjoyed when the heavy lochia bleeding has subsided. Herbal steam is absorbed by the perineum area reduces bloating, warms the body, speeds healing, and toning of the reproductive system after childbirth.


Begin 2-3 weeks after heavy menses stop.

Newborn Care 2 x day 1 hour Daily bath in the morning followed by a gentle herbal compress and oil massage to support the newly functioning digestive system and for relaxation finishing up with a tummy wrap that provides comfort by emulating the womb and supporting the digestive system.
Postnatal Meals

Drinks and teas.

Lunch and dinner every second day.


2-4 hours

Postnatal meals assist the digestive system to recover and the restoration of depleted energy and blood loss during pregnancy and childbirth.

Malaysian herbs used in postnatal meals will be brought from Malaysia, however, most ingredients are locally purchased by client.

Sample meals, vegetarian options are also available:

Grilled, salmon, and honey with spices.

Golden fish with turmeric and spices.

Herbed chicken with healing spices.

Herbal chicken soup.

Postnatal teas for blood circulation, breast milk, and eye care.