What type of ingredients do you use?

We use 100% all-natural herbal active ingredients for all our formulations and no fillers. That’s a promise!

Why aren’t your ingredients certified organic?

The indigenous herbs from Southeast Asia such as menduku or manjukani, are not cultivated on a mass commercial scale but grow and harvested by the local people of the region. We use locally cultivated herbs in our formulation, as much as possible, where the local farmers do not use insecticide, herbicide, or synthetic fertilizer. They only use organic fertilizer or animal droppings. Other ingredients just don’t exist in an organic form, such as Vitamin E oil.

Do you use lanolin, SLS, parabens or other synthetic preservatives?

No, and we never have.

Where is the expiration date on your products?

We use a simple code that is our Sell By/Best By date as well as our batch and lot code.

I have an expired product – will it still work or will I have a reaction?

We stamp a Sell By date on all of our products as a freshness guide for our resellers and customers, but this isn’t an expiration date.

How long will my order take to arrive?

If you are in the continental USA, on average, it will arrive in 5-7 business days.

I’ve had a caesarean when can I use The Mommy Wrap?

When you feel up to it, you can wear the wrap ties loosely from below the navel. However we recommend you wait at least 6 weeks to tie the wrap tightly, however please consult your doctor first.

Do any stores near me carry the New Mommy Wellness Kit?

No, not yet on-line sales are the only means of obtaining our post-pregnancy recovery products.

How can I want to find out more about post-pregnancy recovery body treatments and therapies?

Great! A time proven massage to help mothers recover from childbirth. Please email valerie@postpregnancywellness.com

What are my Shipping options?

Orders are shipped via UPS Ground and takes up to 7 business days.

We will send an email to the address you provide with a tracking number to let you know when your kit has been shipped. If you have an email filter, please add “any” @postpregnancywellness.com and QuantumViewNotify@ups.com into your allowed sender’s email list so you will receive an order confirmation and UPS tracking information.

Our shopping cart can only calculate shipping for orders shipped in the United States. Please call 1-844-RECOVER email valerie@postpregnancywellness.com for orders to be shipped outside the United States, or for orders to Alaska or Hawaii.

What is your Return/Exchange Policy?

We pack our orders with recyclable packing materials. If something is wrong with your order please let us know! Email us at valerie@postpregnancywellenss.com for a return authorization. Please include your name or the name of the recipient, the order number, and the date of purchase. We will get back to you with instructions on how to complete the return or exchange.

UNOPENED items in NEW condition may be returned within 15 days of receipt for a full refund of the item purchase price. If we made a mistake we will gladly pay return shipping costs.

Wholesale returns are subject to a 25% restocking charge on UNOPENED items in NEW condition.

To maintain product integrity, we cannot accept returns after 15 days.

Who is Tanamera?

Tanamera is a third-generation, Malay, company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Southeast Asia. They’ve been in business since the 1950s. Please see About Us for more information.

Does Tanamera a “Fair Trade” employer?

Tanamera products are Halal certified which means they are manufactured according to the following principles that have been adhered to since the 1950s:

  • Strict safety standards
  • Cleanliness
  • Effectiveness
  • Fair Wage
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Honesty

Who does Tanamera employ?

Tanamera gives preference to employ single mothers whenever possible. Staff turnover for the past 15 years is 2%.

Are Tanamera’s products USFDA standards?

Yes. Tanamera supplies postpartum products to a large US company overseas, therefore ALL of the postpartum products meet USFDA standards.

What is Tanamera’s core beliefs?

Safety, Eco-friendly, and NO animal testing.

What is Tanamera’s Eco-Policy?

  • Use of non-bleached recycled paper whenever possible.
  • Limit the use of plastic in our packaging. When we do have to use plastic we use the MOST eco-friendly and recyclable plastic of all, PETG (PolyEthylene Terephthalate).

How long should I wear The Mommy Wrap?

It is recommended that a mommy wears the binder for at least 12-hours per day for 30-40 days.

How long till I see results when wearing the binder?

Normally early results can start to be seen in two weeks, with a more noticeable difference in approximately 30 days, of wearing the binder at least 12 hours per day. For better results wear the binder 24 hours, with removal for showering or bathing.

How long will the New Mommy Wellness Kit last?

The New Mommy Wellness Kit has been designed to for 18 – 30 day period however many of our customers find the products last for much longer depending on the amount used.

What’s your position about the use of palm oil?

We are very concerned about deforestation and conservation, which is why we use only sustainably harvested palm oil. Malaysia is the world’s largest exporter of palm oil so this is a very important topic for us.

I have a store and would like to resell your products. Do you have a wholesale program?

Please contact Valerie Lynn, valerie@postpregnancywellness.com .

I would like to resell your products on my website. How do I do this?

Please contact Valerie Lynn, valerie@postpregnancywellness.com.

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