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Belly wrapping

"Valarie is the belly whisper. My belly significantly shrunk after 5 treatments. after 10, I felt my body put back together and restored"

Natural products and equipment used

We import and provide only the best products for our clients for over a decade. We know our products, their effects on the body and therefore trust them. Herbs have long been used in feminine healthcare with anti-inflammatory, circulatory, and stimulatory properties, to contract tissue, prevent infection, and reduce inflammation. Please refer to the product page. 


Abdominal Wrapping

The abdomen benefits from a combination of gentle manipulation and application of stimulatory herbs.

Sacred Closing Bath

The mother is given a floral bath with varieties of scented flowers, seven citrus limes, and rose water.
barley soup with vegetables, selective focus

Meal Preparation

Postpartum meals following ancestral culinary guidelines and principles from Southeast Asia, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Warming, nourishing meals.

"The heated belly treatments and firming paste, make the wrapping so effective"

Restoring Your Abdomen

Abdominal Wrapping Services

Why Do Women Get an After Pregnancy Abdominal Pooch?

When the baby and placenta are birthed this leaves an empty cavity in the lower abdomen that is temporarily filled by the internal organs when they drop down. As the organs shrink and reposition back they are supported by, and put weight on, the already-stretched abdominal muscles that are also relaxed due to the relaxin hormone, which is in the body for three months. The organs push out on the stomach muscles which can stretch them permanently. The abdomen benefits from a combination of gentle manipulation and the application of stimulatory herbs.


  • Holds together the muscles of the abdominal walls allowing for ease of muscle retraction.
  • Provides support to the torso while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position.
  • Improves posture leading to better breastmilk supply and expelling breastmilk.
  • Material on the hips encourages the cervix to close faster and supports the weakened perineum.
  • Relieves back pain.
  • Stabilizes loosened ligaments.
  • Support of the spine improves energy levels.
  • Encourages repair and closing of the abdominal muscles – diastasis recti.

Abdominal preparation includes

  • Using a heated herbal poultice to gently, infuse deep heat into the abdomen stimulates the body to release retained water, fat, air, and lochia at a faster rate.
  • Warming herbal oils to stimulate the loss of fluids, and stimulate digestion.
  • Herbal firming blend paste mask.
  • Postnatal abdominal wrap.
  • Calming herbal blend paste mask – a traditional recipe for postnatal blues and hormonal headaches.
  • Postnatal herbal tea.

Sacred Closing Bath

Why Do Women Get an After Pregnancy Abdominal Pooch?

The childbearing cycle begins with fertility, then blossoms into pregnancy climax with birth, and culminates with recovery. In cultures that view pregnancy ending with birth leaves a woman’s experience of pregnancy “open-ended” as there is no mental, emotional, or spiritual closure of her experience. Many cultures around the world do have sacred traditions and ceremonies surrounding the postpartum period. Women are honored in ways that recognize their rite of passage into motherhood, whether it is for the first time or for successive children. In cultures that have designated recovery periods, a special ceremony marks the end of her recovery and her re-entrance into society.

The most common closing ritual is a ceremonial bath, which honors and recognizes a Mother’s strength and the selfless sacrifice she went through to birth her child into the world. In Malaysia, there is an ancient ceremonial practice to end the postpartum recovery period.

The mother is given a floral bath with varieties of scented flowers, seven citrus limes, and rose water.

This final treatment is to welcome the mother to a new healthy harmonious life.  Birth is a celebration and the primary person involved in the process, the Mother, is honored for her achievement. Doesn’t that sound like a lovely ceremony to honor a mother and seal her body and birth experience?


The fragrant flowers such as rose, sunflower, and white daisies symbolically wash away the scent of the blood, or lochia, which has been dispelled from the Mother’s body during the previous weeks, restoring her feminine aroma.

Citrus Limes

Citrus limes are traditionally used for cleansing the body and spirit.

Rose Water

The rose water is added as the rose is attributed to femininity; and is a symbol of achievement, completion, and perfection. Each woman is considered “perfect” just as she is, even after birth when women do not feel particularly beautiful.

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