FAQ – Virtual learning is eco-friendly.

FAQ – Virtual learning is eco-friendly

Virtual education is the best option for those who cannot or prefer not to attend in-person workshops.


The coronavirus pandemic has transformed education and learning in ways that I could have never imagined. We all have been forced to adjust and have done exceptionally well. I love my in-person workshops, but I have a whole new outlook on virtual learning.


Virtual learning reduces greenhouse gases.


  • Carbon dioxide emissions – burning of coal, oil and gas and cement manufacturing.
  • Fuel emissions – no gas being consumed from driving.
  • Energy consumption – no lighting, heating and cooling, and maintenance of properties.

My life mission is about supporting a mother, her baby, and the planet naturally by providing eco-postnatal care, services, and products. Virtual learning helps one of my company’s missions.


We know that the world needs post-pregnancy wellness and well-being services and products more than ever. Online platforms to keep live training interactive, fun and full of real-life wisdom to help you in your career. Students say they’ve been impressed by how much they enjoy the online training experience, even if they didn’t think they liked to learn virtually.


Here are answers to the questions I hear most and information to help you prepare for your virtual multicultural postnatal care workshop.


Q. What will my virtual training be like? 

A. I use the Zoom platform, which allows us to interact, brainstorm on a virtual “whiteboard,” watch videos, break into small groups for activities, and more. As a result, my online training is live, engaging and fun. People are surprised at how they bond and create friendships virtually that continue afterward.


Q. Do I need to have a lot of tech skills? I’m nervous!

A. Zoom is easy to use. You just need a smartphone or a laptop with a camera, and you’ll download the Zoom app. Then, I’ll send you a link to log on for the training, and that’s about it. After that, I will offer a quick Zoom tutorial on muting and unmuting yourself and changing the way you see the other participants and your trainer on the screen. Still nervous? Just ask me to do a special login with you beforehand so you can get familiar with the technology. I’m always happy to help.


Q. I don’t live in (or near) the city listed for the online training. Can I still take the virtual training?

A. Yes! You can take virtual training from your home in any city in the world. The towns you’ll see listed are where the training was initially scheduled.


Q. What are the hours of the virtual training? 

A. Multicultural postpartum care workshop runs from 9:00a.m. – 6:00p.m. There is an hour break for lunch at 1 p.m. Please double-check the time zone listed for the training you choose


Q. What equipment and conditions do I need to have for a virtual workshop?

You’ll need a cell phone or a laptop with a camera that can download the Zoom app. If you can’t get sound through your cell phone or computer, you can use the phone/laptop for video and dial in for sound by telephone. You’ll need a stable internet connection.


For the bengkung abdominal wrapping module, a demo model to attend the training for 2 hours with you so you can wrap their core and practice the hands-on skills.

A long cloth 10 inches in width x 15 feet long cut from muslin or another soft fabric.


Q. How will I learn abdominal wrapping hands-on skills at this workshop? 

A. If you cannot find a demo model on the day of your training, you can attend this portion of virtual training again within one year of the date of your workshop.

This person can be of any gender. However, it should be an adult or mature older teenager. While it is strongly recommended, if you cannot get a demo model for about 2 hours, you will need to send me clear pictures of all four sides of your abdominal wrapping.


Don’t worry I will work with you to figure out options. It’s my goal for you to be successful in this workshop and in your business.


Q. Are there any in-person requirements for this workshop? 

No, you can complete this workshop 100% online. Many students pre-sell the knowledge and skills in this training as we will cover packages and pricing in the business module.


Q. Can I buy the postnatal recovery products we will view and discuss in the business module? 

Yes. If you’d like to purchase postnatal products to use along with the training or afterward in your business, contact me as there is a special student discount from $350 to $225. You can easily earn over $1-2K using the products (9 products) in the postnatal care set.



Q. Are there other payment plan options?

Contact me for other options.


Q. Will I receive a certificate after the workshop? 

Yes. You’ll receive an electronic certificate of attendance of 14 hours from the Post-Pregnancy Wellness Company to use on your website.

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