Happy Mommies

Happy Mommies

Mommies Who are Inspired with Eco-Postnatal Care

Christina Liu

Favorites The Mommy Wrap  Boreh Body Scrub Postnatal Tea When I was first introduced to the Post-Pregnancy Wellness Kit I was struck by the delicious […]

Andrea Valley, Missouri

Favorites Postnatal Herbal Tea Herbal Bath Virgin Coconut Oil Receiving the box of New Mommy Wellness products was a pure delight. The presentation of the […]

Jennifer Willette

Favorites Lavender Floral Water  Brown Formulation Soap Virgin Coconut Oil Being a first-time mom I knew that everything I experienced with my baby was going […]

Neela Ramjattan

Favorites Boreh Body Scrub Virgin Coconut Oil Brown Formulation Soap I was lucky enough to meet Valerie in a workshop at my job. Her insight […]

Joselyn Thomas

Favorites Firming Herbal Paste Mommy Wrap Calming Herbal Paste I am still in awe of the amazing results these products have had on my body […]