Happy Mommies

Mommies Who are Inspired with Eco-Postnatal Care

Christina Liu

Favorites The Mommy Wrap  Boreh Body Scrub Postnatal Tea When I was first introduced to the Post-Pregnancy Wellness Kit I was struck by the delicious fragrance that came from the box upon opening. It was warm and comforting. Using the products has been a wonderful, sensual experience. The texture and aroma of each product is […]

Andrea Valley, Missouri

Favorites Postnatal Herbal Tea Herbal Bath Virgin Coconut Oil Receiving the box of New Mommy Wellness products was a pure delight. The presentation of the box was very grounding and natural. They thought about every aspect of postpartum wellness. There something for you to relax and rejuvenate. There’s something for your emotions and your physical […]

Jennifer Willette

Favorites Lavender Floral Water  Brown Formulation Soap Virgin Coconut Oil Being a first-time mom I knew that everything I experienced with my baby was going to be an adventure. I also knew that postpartum care was a critical component of entering into motherhood. The more I read the more I learned how little focus was […]

Neela Ramjattan

Favorites Boreh Body Scrub Virgin Coconut Oil Brown Formulation Soap I was lucky enough to meet Valerie in a workshop at my job. Her insight into Eastern Medicine and view of post-partum recovery was eye opening for me. During her session and in her book there were great tips on what to do, how to […]

Joselyn Thomas

Favorites Firming Herbal Paste Mommy Wrap Calming Herbal Paste I am still in awe of the amazing results these products have had on my body this time around. I gave birth to my second daughter on January 7, 2014, and a week after the arrival of this miracle I received the beautiful box that made […]

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