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What? You Don’t Have a MOMMY PLAN for Your Recovery?!

From Pregnancy BACK to FABULOUS, A Mommy Plan, that is just right…

Mamas worked so hard to get that pregnancy GLOW, it would be a shame to lose it! Unique individual coaching services and packages for Unique Mamas. Valerie loves to coach mamas back to their previous selves, and BETTER, after pregnancy and child birth.

The clock begins ticking sooner than you think! Your body begins the healing process 1 – 2 hours after the placenta is birthed. Take advantage of the natural healing window of opportunity and accelerate it to your benefit! Restore your body sooner than you ever expected.

About Valerie

Valerie Lynn has lived abroad for over 20 years, residing and working in Japan, the U.K., Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia for the past 12 years. She was formerly the Executive Director of the American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (2007-2008) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which led her to career as an independent strategic business Consultant, assisting U.S. corporations entering the Asia-Pacific market. Ms. Lynn conducted her research on postnatal practices through the Ministry of Health of the Malaysian government. The Mommy Plan is being used by childbirth professionals around the world – midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, nurses, naturopaths, herbalists and expectant mothers, to help woman have a more balanced recovery from pregnancy and child birth.

Valerie Lynn is:

  • America’s First Post-Pregnancy Wellness Coach
  • Author of The Mommy Plan, Restoring Your Post-Pregnancy Body, Naturally, Using Women’s Traditional Wisdom (2012).
  • Creator of The New Mommy Wellness Kit.
  • Founder of Post-Pregnancy Wellness LLC.
  • Designer of the Mommy Wrap.
  • International Country Coordinator for Malaysia, Postpartum Support International.

For more information on engaging Valerie as your personal Post-Pregnancy Coach please contact her:

My approach

My unique, recovery coaching is a sophisticated blend of tradition and science bringing defined, after birth recuperation practices to you.

D-I-Y Culture

The culture we live in is based on D-I-Y and self-help principles. Women aren’t allowed to have much “down-time” regularly, let alone, after child birth and therefore we must take our recovery into our own hands and plan it out to ensure we are back on our feet and functioning as soon as possible. Beginning your recovery BEFORE your 6 week medical checkup is the key, as it lays the foundation for your recovery over the next few months.

Doctor’s Orders

Mamas are instructed by their doctor not to engage in any exercise other than light walking for six weeks after giving birth. This is correct. However during the initial ‘down-time” during the first few weeks, a mama’s body is going through an intense, internal exercise as her body transitions back to a non-pregnant state. Take advantage of this transition that you normally don’t have any control over. Therefore there IS a lot that a Mama CAN do to put herself on the right track to a healthy, strong and balanced recovery in the shortest time possible.

Well Managed Care

It is a common belief that taking care of a mother is an essential part of the post-birth process, and that well managed postnatal care and will in no doubt, greatly benefit both her, and her newborn. Mothers who have recently delivered have special needs to rehabilitate both their bodies and mind.

My recovery guidelines are based on the most effective, ancient traditional after birth practices, and care, that are still followed in the traditional cultures enhanced by science in the modern world we live in. It is well known that women in the Far East are well taken care of after child birth resulting in a better physical, and more balanced recovery. Make the most of the first weeks of downtime after childbirth.

Maternity Recovery Period

Where do we start? We start by looking at:

The amount of time you have for maternity leave
The weeks you are planning on making recovery part of your maternity period

Working backwards starting with the day you give birth. We make those days count by developing a daily plan towards actively healing, and restoring, your body while the transition processes are going on.

Development of a 6 – 8 week Post-pregnancy or your own, Mommy Plan:
Nutrition, meal plan, restorative exercises, activities and personal care.

Who is this coaching for?

A unique, individually customized post-pregnancy recovery program, or Mommy Plan, is for those Mama’s whose life-style demands for a speedy recuperation after delivery; but also want it to be a strong, healthy and balanced one is now available.

Each Mama Receives

  1. Her own New Mommy Wellness Kit of 11-all natural specific after birth recovery products.
  2. The Mommy Plan book
  3. Healing Meals: Simple Recipes for New Moms


2013: CAPPA, the world’s largest childbirth educational organization, endorsed The Mommy Plan in 2013 by making it a Category 2 required reading choice for the Postpartum Doula training course.

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