Eco-Postnatal Care talk with Valerie Lynn
Stabilizing a Weakened Core After Pregnancy and Childbirth

Malaysian postnatal recovery protocol,
why they have the lowest rates of postpartum depression in the world at just 3%.

Meet Valerie Lynn of The Mommy Plan in Sherman Oaks, California

BURO 27/4: MALAYSIA - Mothercare 101
Postnatal 'confinement': Does it work? How does it help mothers recover after giving birth?

Restoring Your Uterus, with Valerie Lynn

Well Rounded Wellness: Postpartum Recovery Tips

United Arab Emirates
The Mummy-Sitters: The Women Using Ancient Practices To Care For New Mothers

Healthy Postpartum Recovery

BFM – Business Finance Malaysia

The Recovery Guide: 8 Tips to Help You Feel Normal in Your Post-Baby Body


Everyone has a purpose in life that is uniquely their own. When given the insight to fulfill that purpose you not only serve yourself but others as well. When you are ready to take this step, hypnosis can be life changing, even life saving; then the door to freedom opens and your true potential becomes limitless.

The Recovery Guide: 8 Tips to Help You Feel Normal in Your Post-Baby Body

  1. If Your Post-Baby Body Could Talk
  2. Traditional After-Birth Care Theory and Nutrition
  3. The Importance of Recovery After Pregnancy


The Mommy Plan Recipe Book
Healing Meals: Simple Recipes for New Moms by Valerie Lynn

Malaysian Style of Infant Massage

Postpartum Recovery & Wellness

The Mommy Plan

The Mommy Plan for Post-Pregnancy Wellness

In Search of Fertility Radio: Postpartum Depression

Motherhood TV: Dr. Christina Hibbert
The Mommy Plan” for after Pregnancy & Childbirth

Nurturing the Belly & Womb After Birth

On-line Course Contributor

Sacred Belly Binding, V-Steams, Postnatal Teas, Hot Stone Herbal Abdominal Press

Pain to Power by Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Orgasmic Birth

Postpartum Recovery E-Course

Book Contributor

Green Body, Green Birth by Mar Oscategui

Culinary Cooking Competition

Berjaya University College – Culinary Arts, Malaysia

Cooking for Ibu

(Cooking for New Mothers)

Thirty students took part in the first, Cooking for Ibu (New Mothers) Competition at Berjaya University College – Culinary Arts, Malaysia held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Each student submitted two dishes following the nutritional tenants in The Mommy Plan. Among the judges were Catherine Jones, Wife of the U.S. Ambassador Chef Chong Siew Lee, Lecturer at BERJAYA UCH, Puan Zaini Amnah Binti Adnan, Postnatal Healthcare Practitioner and founder of Zaini Moms, Puan Suhaila Abd. Ghaffar, Postnatal Nutritionist with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, and Author, Ms Valerie Lynn.

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