The Mommy Wrap

Provides 2-in-1 support, Two areas supported by one garment.

We believe the WHOLE mommy needs support after giving birth. The Mommy Wrap has been described by mamas as a gentle “warm hug”. You will LOVE your Mommy Wrap once you experience the strength it provides your body after you deliver. Many of our mamas continue to wear our wrap for months as it feels so good!

Based on direct feedback from mamas in the immediate post-baby weeks regarding how they felt about their post-baby body.

  • “I felt floppy, bloated, and fat.”
  • “I felt disconnected from my own body as it was that much bigger than before.”
  • “I never had that must weight to lose.”
  • “I felt like my insides were going to fall out.”
  • “I became very swollen AFTER I gave birth.”
  • “My core felt so weak I needed still needed help getting up.”

What did they do? They purchased a garment to hold in their belly, but it didn’t solve their problem as it centered on only one small area. What they really needed was not to hold in their tummy but to support their entire abdomen and hip areas – from under the breasts down. The areas containing the womb and pelvic organs also require support.

An abdominal wrap is an important recovery garment used in many cultures for a faster recovery from pregnancy and child birth. Our Mommy Wrap is based on the longer traditional, Bengkung design, which holds up, holds in, and holds together a mama’s weakened torso and hip area. No one realizes how delicate these areas are after giving birth; and how flimsy their body can be due to the relaxin hormone being present for up to 12 weeks after pregnancy. These two areas require compression and support to heal; therefore the Mommy Wrap is your 2-in-1 support garment. Two areas are supported by one garment.

The Relaxin Hormone

The Mommy Wrap ensures full support is provided to the most affected areas of a mama’s body that have been stretched, stressed, and swollen throughout pregnancy.

The body releases the relaxin hormone to allow a mama’s body to become soft and expand to accommodate a growing baby. By month 8-9 the spine is significantly curved which causes back pain. The hormone also allows for the pelvic area to soften in order for a baby to be pushed through the 10cm dilated cervix. We forget that the cervix also has to close 10cm. These areas have been pulled and stretched and are in dire need of support afterward.

The relaxin hormone stays in the body for up to three months.

Our material

Our material is unbleached cotton which is soft yet durable for hours of comfort. The wrap is easy to put on and most comfortable worn under loose clothes.

  • The type of material is important so a rash doesn’t develop. A natural material, such as unbleached cotton, is recommended.
  • The material should NOT be elastic as post-baby wraps are not meant to give or stretch as this compromises support to the organs.
  • A wrap should be worn under loose clothes and tied as snug as possible BUT NOT too tight to cause major discomfort or cut off circulation.
  • A wrap should be worn a minimum of 12 hours per day. For even better results is should be worn 24 hours removing for bathing.
Happy Mommies in their Wrap
Mommies First-hand experience
Andrea Valley, Missouri
I love the support that it offered, particularly in the early days when my core strength was very low. This is an excellent product for helping the abdominal muscles to go back to their original shape.
Joselyn Thomas,

New Jersey

I’ve been a nurse for 12 years, healing and health is my profession. Why wouldn’t the medical field come up with this simple yet important piece of healing? Your stomach muscles separate in order to accommodate a growing uterus, which after birth leave you with no core strength to get out of bed, pick up baby, and even go about your daily life. Simply wrapping this around my torso gave me the support I needed to get up and about without that feeling of Jell-o muscles on my core! The length of the wrapping string was too short for my voluptuous shape but I added an extra piece to the end making it easier to tight the wrap, amazingly and to show you how fast our bodies have the ability to heal after birth I only needed the extra cloth for 2 weeks, my belly had shrunk enough to use it as it originally came.
Jennifer Willette, New Jersey
This was the first item that drew me into the New Mommy Wellness Kit. As I grew bigger with my new bundle of joy I knew that strengthen my core and pulling my stomach muscles together was key to feeling back to myself (for the most part). Although I could not wear the wrap as early as I would have liked. My C-section left me recovering slower than I would have hoped or planned for. When I was able to wear it I felt the difference it made quickly. It pulls everything into where it once was and allows your muscles to re-learn where they were and the many purposes they have. (Note: Jen tied her Mommy Wrap loosely around her c-section incision area and then tighter from above the navel. This provided 2-levels of support: 1. gentle around the incision and 2. tighter around the mid-section. A very smart mama!)
Neela Ramjattan, New Jersey
FANTASTIC! Easy to wrap by yourself – this was a must-have for me especially during the first couple of weeks when I had to run out, I felt relief and support around my abdomen when walking with the wrap on. No more than 4 weeks postpartum my tummy is back to the way it was pre-pregnancy thanks to the abdominal wrap and the firming herbal blend paste.
Christina Liu,

New Jersey

This is one of my favorite products. After months of feeling stretched and expansive, it was a relief to feel the gentle pressure around my hips and belly. It was also a help to my posture. After giving birth it was very difficult for me to sit up straight, due to exhaustion, breast weight that I was unaccustomed to, or the hunched posture I had taken from nursing I don’t know. The wrap supported my back and ensured I spent more time with a straight spine. I plan to use this when I return to work, as a Massage Therapist, to support my back.
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